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Importance of Goal Setting for Fitness

Starting on your fitness mission without a goal is akin to embarking on a journey without knowing the destination. An unplanned journey may lead you anywhere (pleasant or otherwise) but you certainly wouldn’t like any unpleasant surprises (or disappointments) in your fitness mission!

Goal setting is therefore the first step towards embarking on a successful fitness journey; at the end of which you will emerge as a better person physically and mentally. And your first goal should be to find the best way of exercising…the right trainer, the right ambience and the right cost. A Burleigh Heads personal trainer is perhaps the best place for all the three and you really must visit your nearest camp today to know more about how to set your fitness goals.personal training in Burleigh Heads

A Goal Specifies Action

Without any goal, you will be absolutely clueless about how to begin your fitness routine and how to proceed further.

Before beginning, you must know what you want and select the path accordingly.

Some people want to shed weight, some want to build muscles, some want to increase endurance, some want to improve flexibility and so on. First understand what you want and then work towards it gradually.

A Goal makes a Difficult Task Seem Easier

Break your larger goal into smaller short-term goals that are easier to achieve. For example, if you want to lose 30 kg you cannot do it overnight. What you can do is set a goal for trimming your body and shedding 5kgs within a certain time and work on that.

Once you achieve the first milestone, set a new short term goal (shedding more weight within a shorter time; maybe) and so on. Your progress with be smoother, easier and more enjoyable when you have a clear goal to follow.

Having a Goal is so Motivating

Beginning a fitness schedule can be difficult if you have never done this before. However, your Burleigh Heads personal trainer is never short on motivation; especially for newbies like you.

In his absence, your goal can act as the great motivator…urging you, pushing you and stimulating you to try harder and harder. When you know what you want to achieve and the time-frame, you become inspired automatically to achieve that; irrespective of the hardships.

A Goal ensures Timely Execution

It is natural for you to feel lazy and not want to exercise regularly. This can gradually develop into a detrimental habit and you may find yourself missing your sessions almost every other day.

A goal helps to keep a check on your lethargy and will prod you into taking affirmative action. When you know how much you have to achieve, you will definitely feel guilty about skipping sessions for any reason whatsoever.

A Goal Ensures Steady Progress

Having a goal definitely makes it easier to track your progress. This is extremely important as you must know how well you are progressing (or otherwise) on your journey. Without this knowledge, you will just continue to exercise each day without being aware of the effectiveness of your regime.

It will just be another futile endeavour and a waste of your time and money. That is why our Burleigh Heads personal trainers always measure your progress periodically and compare it with your short-term/long-term goals.

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