Bootcamp Burleigh Heads and Group Personal Fitness Training

Ignite Your Metabolism And Turn Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine Faster and with More Ease than You Ever Imagined Possible… No Matter what Shape You’re in Now!

Fun, High Energy 45-minute Burleigh Heads Boot Camp Workouts
Are Scientifically Designed to Burn 9 Times More Fat than Traditional Cardio Training.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out some of the amazing success stories below.

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you…

  1. Are you feeling overweight, sluggish or out of shape?
  2. Do you feel embarrassed when you go to the beach with friends and cover up because you feel self-conscious?
  3. Have you ever told yourself that you were going to get in shape, but then put it off to another day that never came?
  4. Would you like to lose 6 kilos of unwanted bodyfat in 6 weeks or less?

If so, keep reading.

Soon, I’ll share with you a Proven Yet Simple Solution To Lose Weight, Tone up and get in Killer Shape whilst having fun and meeting lot’s of like-minded.

Millions suffer from poor diet, not enough exercise and a sedentary lifestyle. The truth is it’s not your fault… you wasn’t taught this stuff at school and you’re probably too busy with family, work and social commitments to find time to exercise.

If you find yourself sick and tired of…

bullet1 Wearing baggy clothes to hide you’re unshapely body.
bullet1 Covering up when going to the beach even though the temperature is over 30 degrees.
bullet1 Trying to get rid of stubborn fat and trouble spots that just won’t shift.
bullet1 Feeling frustrated with fad diets that don’t work and just leave you hungry all the time.

The question is…

What are you going to do about it, and when are you going to do it?

Introducing… Boot Camp Burleigh Heads


I’m the owner of – a fitness company based in the Gold Coast, we have successfully helped thousands of men and women just like you to lose weight, get in shape, and enjoy the process.

Boot Camp Burleigh Heads is here to help you get results… guaranteed.

You Might Be Wondering,[quote]Why Does This Particular Burleigh Heads Boot Camp Work So Well?[/quote]

Good Question!

bullet1It’s because I have devised a tried and tested fitness formula that works time and time again, no matter what shape you’re in now. These short high-energy workouts are specially designed to burn 9 times more fat than ordinary cardio workouts and will literally turn your body into a fat furnace machine… melting away your unwanted bodyfat 24/7.

bullet1You will be given ‘The Optimum Nutrition Plan’, this simple and easy to follow nutrition plan was designed by one of Sydney’s leading nutritionists and will take the guess work out of knowing what to eat.

bullet1You have unlimited access to myself and all of my trainers through the membership site. If you have any questions about your nutrition or exercise program… all you need to do is ask and one of my team will be there to help within a couple of hours.

bullet1All of the trainers are personally trained by me who go through a rigorous coaching system to ensure you’re trained by the best of the best.

bullet1You’ll have access to a library of workouts that you can perform on the days you can’t make bootcamp Burleigh Heads. These short high intensity workouts gold coast personal trainingare great for keeping your metabolism fired up for maximum results.

bullet1And then there’s the social aspect. We’re more than just a Burleigh Heads personal fitness training group… with many of our members becoming best of friends. It won’t be long before you’ll be coming down to bootcamp to see your buddies (as well as getting in killer shape).

Check out what other people have to say…


If you’re not ready to get your dream beach body, then stop reading now.

There are only so many people we can accept into our program, and we’re looking for action takers… Procrastinators need not apply.

If you’re one for the action takers and you’re ready to get your new dream beach body, here are a few of the powerful results you’ll achieve when you register….

bullet1Have a toned lean body that will be the envy of your friends.
bullet1Experience better health, more energy and increased vitality so you can live life to the full.
bullet1Get a killer bikini body you’ll be proud to show off at the beach.
bullet1Say good-bye to fad diets, weight loss shakes and boring cardio workouts that don’t work.
bullet1And much more!

“Dan, I’d Love to be Your Next Success Story… How Do I Join?”

running picTo work one-on-one with me or one of our DangerouslyFit trainers is $850-$1050 per month.

In fact, to work with a mediocre personal trainer (and get mediocre results) at your local gym would cost you at least $600-$700 per month.

And, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a personal trainer or weight-loss program in Burleigh Heads that will guarantee your satisfaction and results.

Better Results for Less Money… Guaranteed

Why pay $600-$700 per month for mediocre results when you can pay less, get better results and a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee?

For just $197 per month you can get unlimited access to ALL our Burleigh Heads Boot Camp workouts… that’s only $6.57 per day!

And because you’re backed by our 30 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose except the unwanted kilos.

SPECIAL OFFER: 2-Week Trial for Only $1.

You’ve got an important decision to make.

Is your health, fitness, and life worth $1?

Don’t’ make any more excuses for not losing weight, looking better, feeling great, and living life to the full.

The only way to change is to take action!

Simply try out our Burleigh Heads Boot Camp for two (2) entire weeks for only $1.

Don’t miss this opportunity…. Numbers are STRICTLY LIMITED… and right now we have only 3 spots left!

Just click the Sign Up button below to Secure Your Spot…

To Your Success,

Bootcamp Burleigh Heads, 4220, Gold Coast

P.S. Say “yes” to a leaner, fitter, and more attractive you. Get rid of your unwanted fat and get your dream beach body.

P.P.S. Remember – Your satisfaction is backed with our hassle free, no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

11 thoughts on “Bootcamp Burleigh Heads and Group Personal Fitness Training

  1. I would like some more information on locations and times.
    Im looking to get back into shape and feeling more energised after 14 months abroad!

  2. I am looking at doing a group bootcamp just two days a week and was wondering how much this would cost.
    Cheere Anne

  3. Need to lose 12 kilos to fit into a dress for a wedding! Struggling on my own! Need some new exciting exercise as I find the gym boring! How is it so expensive?? $850 a month or $197 a month? Thanks

  4. Is it possible to email a timetable so i can see if i can make any classes (have a 2yr old and 6 month) thanks

  5. Hi
    my wife and i come up from Melbourne regularly and are looking for a group fitness session on the beach.
    Do you have a casual membership. If not is there some who you can recommend.
    We are regular gym goers with good nutrition awareness .
    -Andrew- 0419-881-217

  6. My son James(15) is keen to try the $1 two week trail, but needs to know where in Burliegh and what times and what days you do , as he needs to get back to get ready for school, he has always been sports minded and wants to b a sports teacher when he leaves school, he like to do mornings as he trains most evenings for soccer, but wants to build he’s fitness, and speed up. Thanks, Mike

  7. I’m 55, reasonably fit but not sure if I could keep up. Is working to the best of my ability ok? Are there others in my age group who do your boot camp? Also, what is the timetable?
    Thank you, Trish

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