Is Altitude Training Mask Beneficial?

The latest fitness item that causes lots of buzz in the fitness world is the altitude training masks. This mask fits on the mouth and nose and is made to limit how much air which comes to the mask, thereby making breathing much harder and reducing the content of oxygen of the available air because of lowered exchange with the air out of the mask. Consequently, the altitude training masks claim that they can simulate training in a much higher altitude while increasing lung capacity because of the controlled breathing.

The reason why lots of elite sports athletes’ make use of altitude training is the exposure to the reduced content of oxygen in the air at higher altitudes can result in an increase in red blood cell in the blood. Since the red blood cell carries oxygen in the blood, an increase in performance and aerobic capacity are noticed when going back to lower elevations.

Training with the Elevation Training Mask may improve lung strength and lung capacity, however, these improvements don’t result in any increases in aerobic or anaerobic fitness.  Photo Credit:

Training with the Elevation Training Mask may improve lung strength and lung capacity, however, these improvements don’t result in any increases in aerobic or anaerobic fitness.
Photo Credit:

On the other hand, individuals searching for these adaptations usually don’t train at a higher elevation and just spend the day at a lower one as can be seen when working with an altitude training masks. Rather, regular training programs require either living in a higher elevation and exercising in a lower elevation or doing the two at altitude. Actually, research has proven that working out at altitude isn’t good enough of a stimulus to make adaptations normally seen if training at higher elevations.

Severe exposure to decreased content of oxygen of the air will surely have some adverse effects. Dizziness and headaches are typical symptoms of acute exposure to the elevation that may reduce the effectiveness of an exercise.

Another claim when it comes to increases in respiratory capabilities because of restricted breathing is much more complicated. Research has frequently proven that breathing with obstructive tools increases tidal volume and minute ventilation. These studies have been done in non-exercise situations, although it is believed that the same results might happen throughout the workout routines. Nonetheless, the real question is whether these respiratory increases really result in improved in performance. Other claims are boosted focus, mental strength, and energy as a result in using this product. There’s been no study according to these claims and are just according to anecdotal evidence.

Here’s an article from

Will this terrifying mask pump up your CrossFit workout?

[quote style=”boxed”]The human body’s ability to deliver oxygen to muscle fibers decreases in higher altitudes. With a lower oxygen level, your performance during endurance activities decreases.

Another method which simulates the effects of this type of training is wearing altitude-training masks during workouts. The science behind the masks is that they strengthen the lungs by teaching them how to use oxygen more efficiently. [/quote]

Altitude training masks might be the latest trend, but they are ineffective as compared to scientific evidence. Only working out in a higher elevation setting won’t result in the adaptations usually connected with altitude training. Even though respiratory capability may enhance using the restricted breathing associated with the masks, the result on performance relies upon training levels, which changes can happen along with other devices, too.

These altitude masks can make your exercise routine harder; however the resulting decrease in the intensity of your exercise can negate the progress that’s truly preferred. Decreased power, strength and caloric outputs are possible when training with this particular device, thus lowering the effectiveness of the exercise.

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Social Media for Weight Loss?

For some people, among the challenging things to attain is weight loss. Lots of people have tried their best to figure out ways to shed weight, and at the same time stay fit and healthy. Nowadays, it’s very hard to ignore the presence of social media in our daily life. Social media could possibly get a bum rap, but despite its perceived drawbacks, if social media is used as a tool, it may be considerably beneficial. So, how can these social media link to losing weight?

Can Social Media Help You to Lose Weight? Photo Credit:

Can Social Media Help You to Lose Weight?
Photo Credit:


Facebook is really a place where one can share what’s happening in their life with friends, but you might not feel at ease announcing what your weight is or that you are attempting to shed weight. However, you may like posting fitness achievement. Sharing your fitness goals in the Facebook community might be beneficial, as more and more people know about it, the greater your chances to stay committed in your goals.

Instead of simply communicating with friends on this social media site, you may also interact with fitness and health professionals, like registered nutritionist, or pages for diet-related books. You may also “like” the pages of fitness and health magazines, as well as your favorite brands. The person that manages these pages may publish articles that offer you useful weight-loss tips, and lots of organize regular Facebook chats, letting you ask an expert for your certain questions.

Most significantly, you might find a weight loss community on this social networking site, where like-minded people share their weight loss success and provide support. If you cannot find a Facebook community that suits you, you can make your own.


Just like what you do on Facebook, you can follow fitness experts and professionals, health and fitness magazines, along with other sources that offer weight loss motivation. You can also join the conversation if you have some thoughts in mind.

Instagram and Pinterest

They’re also an excellent option for getting fit. It is simple to find healthy snack ideas, tips about how to eat clean, workout routines, inspiring quotes, links to videos, and a whole lot more. You can also find fitness photos from around the globe, and many are supported by special tips intended to help you slim and tone you up.

Here’s a helpful and fascinating article from Beth Blair of Shape.

The Best Ways to Use Social Media for Weight Loss

[quote style=”boxed”]Social media has changed all of our lives, especially those of us trying to lose weight.

Not that long ago if you wanted virtual fitness or weight-loss support, the only options were online forums where a limited number of people would gather to talk about challenges and progress. However, today’s social media platforms offer so much more. When you log on, there are millions of people having conversations, many of which are on health, weight loss, and fitness.[/quote]

Next time you use the computer think of the best way to make use of all the Internet can offer to help keep yourself on track together with your fitness and health goals. Whenever you really begin to give it some thought, you will be surprised about what you can to improve your current fitness routine by using social media. And please bear in mind that although social media could be another tool in your quest for weight loss, it isn’t the end all. Eating healthily, fitness, and lots of sleep really have to happen far from a computer screen.

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The Playground Workout

Every time we hear the word ‘exercise,’ it made us whine and look for ways to get away with it. Have you ever tried working out at a playground? If you haven’t, it is about the perfect time you tried. Playgrounds are definitely the original gyms. There are playgrounds almost anywhere, and you can make use of the amenities in the playground like the monkey bars, where you can perform exercises that could have great benefit to you.

While being in a playground seems like enjoyable and fun, any kind of movement is considered fitness. By adding some movement and fun instead of strict gym workout to your regimen, the exercise mentality turns into a lot more enjoyable. Here are some of the exercises that you can do on the playground.

By using the monkey bars, you can do some pull-ups.  It will be the great test of upper body strength and really challenging to do. This will target the shoulder, biceps, as well as the back.

The Playground Workout

Swings are also an effective tool for a good workout. You can perform push-ups on the swings. Place your feet on the swing and put your hands on the ground to get a decline push-up. This can be challenging and difficult since both of your feet are moving while you bend your elbows and lower your body towards the ground. This will target he shoulders, chest and also the core.

In addition, you can also do abdominal tuck using the swings. Same as the push-up position, place your feet into the swing and your hands on the ground. Bring your knees closer to your chest slowly, then back to the push-up position. This targets the core muscles.

With one foot on the swing and the other one on the ground in order that your back foot will be elevated, you can do some lunge. Stretch your back leg while you lower your body to the ground in a lunge, and then go back to the starting position. After that, swing your legs following a full set. This lunge will target the hamstrings, quads, as well as the glutes.

Another way to get a good workout is by using the park bench. You can do mountain climbers on the park bench. Put your palms over the bench at a push-up position. Pull your knees in closer to your chest one after the other, stabilizing your lower back. Alternately, pull in each knee with an increase of speed. This targets the shoulder, chest, core and legs.

If you see any stair or maybe an elevated platform, you can perform a box squats. To do this, jump up on top of the platform with bended knees and then finishing it with a squat. Take a step back down and then squat down, after that, continue the action to get on the platform. This targets the hamstring, glutes and quads.

Check out the video for some playground workouts.

Get a Good Workout at the Playground

So, forget the gym this weekend and go to the playground rather. Grab your whole family or your friends with you and try these workout tips above. Have fun and enjoy!

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Weight Loss Saboteurs

In an age where we’re bombarded with conflicting details about what we should and shouldn’t eat, it is no surprise that we’d come across some bumps along the way when starting out a new diet. Following a long term diet plan isn’t easy, but by staying away from the common pitfalls, you will be going to stay motivated and less likely to give up.

TV draws attention away from the eaten food, thus you tend to overeat. Photo Credit:

TV draws attention away from the eaten food, thus you tend to overeat.
Photo Credit:

Whether it is low carb, low fat or no calorie, people are so eager to shed weight they constantly are taken in by the next large diet craze or fad. However, several low fat and low carb products might be doing more damage than good.

Low Fat vs. Low Carb

Low fat foods plays a huge role in your daily diet, but bear in mind that low fat, does not mean low-calorie. As it boils down to it, all that matters is that you’re cutting down on calories and sticking to it. Even though something is low fat, does not give you permit to consume the entire box and have several servings. Eating plenty of packed and processed low carb foods, aren’t suitable if you want to lose weight since the high sugar content is only going to cause you to overindulge. Eating all-natural and unprocessed meals are among the key elements to a more healthy life and long-term weight loss.

 Alcohol Consumption

 The most crucial factor to keep in mind here is the fact that alcohol increases calories and will add on the pounds. As you have to cut calories to control unwanted weight, you have to be less centered on the carb-count and much more concentrated on your calorie intake. If you are trying to keep your weight and get healthy, then drink moderately. Avoid lots of mixed drinks, as they usually include sugary sodas and juices that raise the calories. If you want to lose fat, and also keeping an eye on your calories, then avoid it once and for all.

Artificial Sweeteners

Generally, artificially sweetened sodas can help you save 75 to 150 calories if you are always consuming regular soda and that is a great benefit. On the other hand, there’s some study recommending that artificial sweeteners can cause overindulging by deceiving the normal balance in our bodies to count calorie consumption. Therefore, causes us to consume a lot more than we’re used to eating. Until more scientific studies are done, it is best to err on the side of caution and make use of artificial sweeteners moderately.

Mindless Eating

It is all too easy to just sit in front of the TV or computer and unconsciously feed yourself with a bowl, bag or box of goodies. Whether it’s dinner or just a plain boredom, you are not watching what you’re eating. Make it a point that you sit at the dining table for all meals; eat your food slowly and mindfully, savoring every bit of it. You will be less likely to overindulge and about to feel satisfied faster.

Check this article from The Star Online on how artificial sweeteners can sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Artificial sweeteners could sabotage weight-loss efforts

[quote style=”boxed”]THINK you’re saving yourself extra calories by going the artificial sweetener route? New research suggests you’re just setting yourself up to fail.

That’s the conclusion of a new study out of Yale University which found that eating low-calorie sweetened products may actually sabotage efforts to reduce calorie intake, by leading people to reach for higher calorie alternatives later on.[/quote]

Learning how these things can sabotage your diet plan is a vital step for fast, long-term weight reduction. Take measures to get rid of these tricky saboteurs out of your diet, and you will notice that weight loss turns into a much simpler process.

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Workout with Exercise Bands

When you go on a vacation or whenever you travel for work, it is usually nearly impossible to find some time and a good place to exercise. If you want to get a full body workout that you can easily do in your hotel room, try using an exercise bands.

Fitness or exercise bands are a kind of fitness tool that are short and stretchy that is available in different resistance levels that are utilized to mimic strength training moves while getting rid of the risk of losing control over the weight or dropping the weight.

Exercise bands are available in various colors, measures and tensions. It can also be purchased by the roll that enables you to cut your band to your desired length. There’s also a kind of band that is available in a loop, which enables you to easily step into this exercise band and utilize it for strength training for the legs without the need to tie the band in a knot.

Exercise bands effectively target muscles in the hips and shoulder girdle that often get the short end of stick in traditional weight room workouts. Photo Credit;

Exercise bands effectively target muscles in the hips and shoulder girdle that often get the short end of stick in traditional weight room workouts.
Photo Credit;

Exercise bands are preferred by fitness enthusiast as they’re affordable, very easy to store, can be utilized anywhere, can mimic more than a hundred training workouts, they give constant pressure during the entire moves, works extremely well in sports-specific training, perfectly supplements a strength training routine, can be utilized for flexibility, are much better to use compared to free weights or fitness machines and could be utilized by anybody whatever age or physical condition they have.

Moreover, exercise bands have an interesting unknown use; they’re excellent for agility training. Using exercise bands for agility drills, it can increase your heart rate and boost your athletic movement abilities. You may also jump or run using the band to incorporate spice and variety into your agility training.

Just like any type of fitness training, you have to carefully prepare your body to use exercise bands by starting to warm up, it is best to put on comfortable athletic shoes and clothing, use excellent control and form all through your workout, stay hydrated and stretch your muscles after.

Exercise bands are excellent for injury rehabilitation because they make a safer ways of working the injured part of the body with no risk of controlling and lifting a heavy weight that may overstress the damaged area.

Watch the video to learn some workout routines using the exercise bands, particularly if you’re on vacation or if you travel a lot.

Travel Workout with Exercise Bands

Exercise bands are wonderful pieces of fitness equipment that you could easily bring with you and employ while on a trip, during your lunch break, while on an exercise walk within the privacy of your home, at the health centers or wherever you might be!

So, grab your band, get in good shape and stay fit!

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Barre Fitness – Ballet-Inspired Workout

Ballet-inspired barre classes have accumulated a devout following recently, and with valid reason. The ballet workouts are improved versions of the dance itself for the benefits of focusing on certain parts of the body.

Barre classes typically start up with squats along with other ballet-inspired warm-ups, and then popular yoga poses like the plank and also the downright dog.

This workout stretches to a particular intensity level but not fairly enough to make an individual breathless. What you may expect is to feel the body moving from the entire workout that the muscles will get.

Barre Fitness - A Workout Worth Trying Photo Credit:

Barre Fitness – A Workout Worth Trying
Photo Credit:

Barre was created particularly to enhance posture, boost body flexibility and strengthen the core. Additionally, it adapts the principle of yoga of linking body, mind and breath that is a great stress reliever. It also boasts advantages of longer and leaner muscles, as well as, increased energy and stamina.

Barre is neither Insanity nor CrossFit. It is not about the number of repetitions that you can do in just a minute or the number of pounds you are able to lift. Instead, most barre classes target proper form and precision.

When joining a barre class, you have to put on grippy socks that have a bit of rubber nubs at the bottom. This will keep you from slipping if you are on the barre, and it is more hygienic compared to going barefoot. In addition, do not put on short shorts. You will be performing lots of open-leg poses and inversions, so much better if you wear full leggings or capris.

It is not necessary that you have dance experience or knowledge to take the barre class, as well as, you do not even need to know the ballet barre. Some classes make use of the barre that runs to the side of a mirrored wall to be a prop for stretching and also strengthening. You will work your legs and glutes in standing positions, and you will get on to the floor, beneath the barre, for you to work your upper body and target your core. Some classes utilize added props such as ball, mats, and light weights that will be given to you.

Barre is all about balance, flexibility and strength, so if you feel weak in almost any of these areas, it is going to be challenging. If you head to the gym all by yourself, you may be just gonna perform the things you are good at. But if you join a barre class, it targets the areas that you are not likely working – and that could allow you to be stronger and less vulnerable to injuries.

Check out this article from

Health: Dancer-inspired workouts raise the barre on exercise

[quote style=”boxed”]Barre fitness is not a dance class. It just borrows the ballet barre, anchored to the wall, so you have something to hold on to while you pull and stretch your muscles in ways you may not have thought possible. The music is modern and energizing. You can wear your usual workout clothes, but closefitting shorts or yoga pants are recommended. Leave your shoes and socks in your gym bag. (Note to self: get a pedicure.) Oh, and bring a towel — you will be dripping before long.[/quote]

If you want some variety in your workout, why not try barre classes. For sure, you will definitely love it. Give it a try and see if it suits you.

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The Cayenne Pepper Diet – How it Works?

There are various fad diets around, and one of the most appealing are the ones that have a ‘secret ingredient’ that will speed up your metabolism to help you lose weight and burn more fat quickly. One of these is the Cayenne Pepper Diet. It became popular as a hardcore dietary fad idea that will help you cleanse your system of toxins and lose weight.

But, will it work? Let us take a look at the Cayenne Pepper Diet and know more about it before trying this kind of diet.

Cayenne pepper linked to a healthy diet. Photo Credit:

Cayenne pepper linked to a healthy diet.
Photo Credit:

Cayenne pepper is actually a spicy herb, which has vital healthy elements for the body since it has lots of Vitamin A and C, and also Vitamin B6, potassium, riboflavin, and manganese. It’s mostly utilized in cooking, often fresh and chopped, or in a powdered form, and it has been utilized for medicinal purposes.

One good way to use this herb in your daily diet is to just add it on your meals that will give your diet metabolism-boosting strike when you eat. Or maybe, you can utilize it in a cleansing tonic made out of water, lemon, cayenne pepper, as well as maple syrup, and incorporate this practice with fasting hours in order to eliminate toxins from your body, boosting your immune system.

Cayenne pepper is a really strong ingredient, and it may have a harmful effect on your stomach, resulting in stomach spasms when you’re on the diet. If you do have stomach concerns, it is not a good diet for you.

If you are using cayenne in your meals, chances are you will ruin the taste of each meal that you eat. If you’re currently practicing portion control and messing up the flavor of every meal, you take the chance of growing quickly uninterested in this diet, even if you notice results in your weight loss.

If you fast by making use of cayenne pepper, cleansing drink and lemon, then you’ll definitely get challenged by food cravings you will experience from fasting that are disturbed only by the terrible taste of the spicy cayenne pepper drink. It is much easier to fast using juice or water since you do not need a regular awful experience whenever you drink liquids.

Here’s an article from Jamaica Observer:

The Pepper Diet – Does it Help in Losing Weight?

[quote style=”boxed”]Cayenne pepper and other spices such as cinnamon can play a significant role in weight loss. It is claimed by many that cayenne pepper may be the best route that one can use for weight loss.

Cayenne pepper primarily helps in weight loss by speeding up the metabolic rate. Some experts say it does by as much as 25 per cent. The primary reason for this benefit is capsaicin which is the active ingredient found in cayenne pepper. This substance is also responsible for the spicy flavour in peppers.[/quote]

The Cayenne Pepper Diet does have perks, apart from various negative reasons; it is very difficult to stick with and also has several major drawbacks as a diet plan.

Any dieting requires sacrifices and trade-offs as opposed to “complete indulgence”, thus, the best diets are those that show you the way to control food and remain motivated in the diet. As you sign up at our bootcamps, you will be guided by Sydney’s top nutritionist who is one of our own.


Exercises for Toning & Weight Loss

Losing weight and toning up are not really the same. Losing weight is not hard since it just requires reducing your body weight that can be done through dieting alone. On the other hand, toning up is a different thing. As it requires a serious effort in losing weight and improves your body by exercising, the great thing is that regular workouts have a significant difference. If your goal will be to shed some pounds and tone your muscle mass, choose a program such as strength training along with a regular cardio exercise.

 Exercises for Toning & Weight Loss

Strength Training

Strength training boosts metabolism and defines tone of muscle – however, you do not need to worry on bulking up. Based on ACSM, women have a lot of estrogen to develop big muscles. In your first week, focus on the arms and legs. For the second week, target core, chest and back that are usually the problem areas for women. Perform 2 sets f each workout routine with 8 to 16 reps for each set.

For your arms, you can do upright rows, front and side shoulder raises, as well as curls. For your legs, you can try lunges and squats. To work your chest, you can do overhead presses, push-ups and flyes. End it with bicycle crunches, static plank pose, and Russian twist to work your core.


All of the cardio exercises will burn calories and increase your heart rate, so in a long term weight loss plan, it is wise to choose a form of cardio that appeals to you and will probably be able to stick with over time. Best options include jogging, biking, dancing, swimming, team sports, aerobics or using an elliptical or treadmill. You will notice that you lose weight fast if you exercise in a high-intensity level since vigorous exercises or activities burn a lot of calories.

Learn more about exercise for toning up and losing weight by watching the video.

Recommended Exercises for Toning & Weight Loss

Things to Consider

Get approval from your general practitioner before you start any workout program for weight loss, particularly if you are obese or overweight, or perhaps you have any medical issues. If you are not used to working out on a regular basis, begin slowly and move to a harder activities or a heavier weights if you think you can manage. As you start, use weights that are heavy enough for you to just complete the final rep in a set. In addition, always follow the right form of exercise, and have a personal trainer to teach you any exercise that you are unfamiliar with.

The best way to excellent fitness requires working out the entire boy. Find out more about getting into great shape with the help of Boot Camp Gold Coast fitness experts.

Safety Tips to Prevent Injuries When Exercising

When you exercise, the single thing you don’t like to happen is an injury. This is the one that is going to ruin your workout routine, induce pain, and can be an added burden to you if it is a quite serious injury. As you perform your workouts, you have to do your very best to avoid such injuries.

To do this, you should begin with having the right form. There are lots of various kinds of exercises, and every one of them has got a proper form that you need to be following to do the movement in a safe way. You can use a mirror to see your movement or hire the services of a fitness expert to guide you to be able to perfect your form and remain safe.

When exercising, always make sure that you will not hurt yourself or you will not get injured. CC by:

When exercising, always make sure that you will not hurt yourself or you will not get injured.
Phot o Credit:

If the exercise turns out to be too painful, stop it immediately, particularly if it’s joint pain. You may feel several of your muscles are pushed, but the pain is a lot different. If you aren’t certain, stop doing it, so you don’t hurt yourself.

Ensure that you do some stretching during your routine. Many believe that doing stretches before working out is best while some think that it’s best to do some stretching afterwards. Basically, it is best to do both. No matter what you believe in, doing some stretches is essential to prevent injury.

Stay well hydrated. Most injuries are usually caused by being overly dehydrated. You don’t want to get heat-related ailments, as well as lack of water particularly on a hot weather.

You must perform some warm-up and cool-down with every workout. This gives the body enough time to be challenged and a period to relax a bit prior to halting.

On top of it all, pay attention to your body. If you feel too sore, or perhaps you feel too much pain to exercise on that day, just don’t do it. Just do this if you feel real pain. Padding in your shoes is essential to lessen the impact. Take extra care of all your joints as you can.

To learn some more tips to avoid injuries, continue reading

Preventing Injury in Your Workouts

[quote style=”boxed”]Nothing puts a damper on your workout plan quite like getting injured. Injuries can set you back in your training and even be so traumatic that you won’t want to go back to your program after you’re healed. Unfortunately, a University of Arkansas study found that there has been a 35 percent increase in gym injuries in recent years.[/quote]

The more knowledgeable you are in working out, chances are, it will be easier for you to identify injuries. You will be more aware on what hurts and what your body does. It is a fact that oftentimes you might be sore from exercising, but this is not the same as any repeated or sharp joint pains that you have.

Even though exercise is healthy and good for us, it can also be harmful if not done right. Arm yourself with the information of how to be safe if you are exercising in order to get healthy and keep it in that way.

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Secrets to Kerry Washington’s Gorgeous Body

If you are a ‘Scandal’ fan, you have never been alone in wondering about Kerry Washington’s fit body (not to mention her fantastic wardrobe) over the past seasons. She never fails to look fab from head to toe, not forgetting the tight ab she flaunts during those steamy love scenes.

Kerry Washington has a hot bod and isn’t shy with regards to sharing her secrets. As a matter of fact, in the past years, Kerry has shared with several magazines various ways on how she stays in shape and the thing she does not do that keeps her confident.

Kerry Washington In Marchesa – 2013 Producers Guild Awards Photo Credit:

Kerry Washington In Marchesa – 2013 Producers Guild Awards
Photo Credit:

The celeb plays as Olivia Pope on ‘Scandal.’ However, when preparing on her character as Pope, Kerry worked out with a personal trainer Tadeo which designed a routine out of his soccer-based Brazilian workout, Cuerpaso.

Cuerpaso is actually a bootcamp style workout, which brings in a Latin American style. It concentrates on total, holistic health, and you will be able to see that Tadeo is interested in enhancing health by taking exercise and eating healthy. His 50-minute workout program includes a soccer ball, 20-minute kid’s exercise, diet plan and shopping list. Encouraging that fitness and health is good for everybody, he designs a ‘judgment-free area’ showing that the movements need not be performed perfectly.

Integrating soccer training workouts like quick foot work and high knees, Tadeo follows the method of interval training, changing between high-intensity workouts and low-intensity moves to increase and lower the heart rate. In this manner, it will shock the body in order to get rid of fat and develop muscle mass. The good thing is when you are starting to feel the burn, Tadeo encourages you with motivating words to help keep you going. He is certain that you are going to enjoy the results if you make the commitment in yourself.

Watch the video to learn how to get Kerry Washington’s lean body.

How to Get Kerry Washington’s Lean Body

If you want to achieve Kerry washington’s hot bod, give Cuerpaso a try. This workout is perfect for those who don’t have enough time yet want to get into shape. If you are lazy and not interested in getting fit, then you should avoid this class.

Want to know some new workout routines, sign up with us at Boot camp Gold Coast. We promise you that you will be in the best shape of your life.

Teenage Rugby Player Killed by Weight Loss Pill

A promising rugby player and an A-level student from one of Britain’s prime independent school for boys has fall victim of a dangerous weight loss pill.

Chris Mapletoft, an 18-year old student, died right after taking a pill that contains Dinitrophenol (DNP), a toxic chemical which is being widely sold online as being a quick-fix slimming aid, an investigation into his death discovered a week ago.

Chris was the youngest person who died right after taking the drug. The police will investigate on how he purchased the said pill.

Read the rest of the story here

Promising rugby player Chris Mapletoft, from Hampton School, died after taking “weight loss pills”


Chris Mapletoft, who died after taking weight loss pill (DNP)
Photo by:

[quote style=”boxed”]Police are investigating how a talented Hampton schoolboy got hold of fat burning pills that killed him.

Chris Mapletoft is believed to be the youngest person to die after taking Dinitrophenol (DNP), an industrial chemical sold online and used as a quick-fix slimming aid.[/quote]

What Is DNP or Dinitrophenol?

DNP had been known as a weight loss pill, primarily for bodybuilders during the 1930s, but it was banned several years later due to reported dangerous side-effects. The pill apparently triggers the metabolism to speed up, which will cause a dramatic weight loss; on the other hand, it produced numerous deaths.

It’s been distributed online as a fungicide and herbicide, but it seems that it has found its way back into the possession of weight watchers.

DNP: Dangerous Weight Loss Pill that Kills Hundreds of People. Photo Credit:

DNP: Dangerous Weight Loss Pill that Kills Hundreds of People.
Photo Credit:

Factors Why You Should Never Take DNP to Lose Weight:

It has been banned.

It has already been proven that taking DNP causes death and is detrimental to humans. With that alone, you should avoid or stop taking it. DNP is not for weight loss, it had already been declared that it only functions as a pesticide. Therefore, it is dangerous to your health.

It is against the basic rule of fitness.

When talking about fitness, it instantly associated with being healthy – the overall wellness of the body, mind and spirit.

Irregular heart rate, discomfort, nausea, allergic reactions, inability to sleep, and unhealthy cravings for carbs and others, all negative effects of DNP, these are signs that you’re having a lot more health problems.

Social Backlashes

DNP results in over-sweating. Moreover, it will cause body fluids just like your urine, vaginal and semen secretions to look at strange tinge of yellow.

 You will most likely end up disgusting the people who are around you and you also make them feel uncomfortable whenever you are around.

 It Killed a Lot of People and It May Kill You, As Well

If this isn’t going to persuade you, nothing will. DNP is shown to poison the body, and it can burn you inside out. If you would like to become a buff and ripped corpse, then by all means, go for it.

If you would like to attain weight loss, be aware that the healthy range is 2 to 3 pounds in a week. Which goes with a decent fitness program, and a balanced, healthy diet.

If you want to achieve weight loss, know first and foremost that the healthy rate is 2-3 pounds a week. That goes with a good fitness plan and a healthy, balanced meal.

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Exercise Can Lead To Positive Drug Test

Exercise is vital to a healthy way of life, but a new study led by the University of Sydney implies that for those who are cannabis users, it may also result in positive drug tests.

TTetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the primary intoxicating substance in cannabis, carries a strong attraction for fat tissue. Some of the THC taken if cannabis is smoked results in being quickly transmitted from the bloodstream towards fat cells, in which it builds up and can lie dormant for a few weeks or maybe even months.

Exercise May Result in a Positive Drug Test Photo Credit:

Smoking Cannabis and Exercise The Next Day May Result in a Positive Drug Test
Photo Credit:

The regular cannabis users exercise strenuously for about 35 minutes on a stationary bike to cause fat to be metabolized. All the cannabis users had abstained from smoking overnight to make sure that their blood THC levels are low before the exercise.

After their exercise, the researchers observed a significant increase in blood THC from the cannabis users that sometimes had been enough to really make the distinction between a positive and a negative drug test. The increase in blood THC levels was supported by a rise in free-fatty acids within the blood, a sign that fat had been utilized as a fuel throughout the exercise. Other than that, the researchers discovered that the higher the individual’s BMI or body mass index, the greater their increase in blood THC levels due to exercise.

Moreover, exercise might not only the reason which causes this effect. Some other things that increase usage of body fat such as physical or mental stress, or perhaps dieting could result in a same or maybe even greater outcome. The study also considered the impact of a 12-hour fast on blood THC levels in several users, even though this manipulation didn’t increase THC just like exercise.

Here’s an article from Darren Osborne of ABC Science:

Exercise may cause you to fail drug test

[quote style=”boxed”]If you smoke cannabis and then exercise the next day, be warned – you could fail a random drug test.

That’s the finding from a team of Australian researchers looking at the long-lasting effect of the active component in cannabis, known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

THC is a lipophilic compound, meaning it dissolves in fat molecules. Previous studies have shown that it can be stored in the body for at least 28 days, with some former heavy cannabis users still showing traces of THC in their body six months later.[/quote]

Future research is planned to evaluate if the increased THC brought on by exercise is more than enough to hinder driving skill and memory in regular cannabis users.

Basically, in the event you give a positive drug test for users of cannabis, it is not always an indication that you’ve used cannabis recently. That cannabis could be the thing you smoked a couple of weeks ago, a couple of months ago, or even a year ago, but you have just done something that has caused you to burn off fat.

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Low Impact Cardio for Foot Pain

A foot pain or injury should never stop you from staying or getting in shape. Although some cardio exercises might be off limits with regards to foot pain, some could be easily done without leading to any pain in your feet. Opting for low-impact cardio workouts provides you with a pain-free option to burn more calories and work up a sweat.

Reduce Foot Pain with Low-Impact Cardio Exercises Photo Credit:

Reduce Foot Pain with Low-Impact Cardio Exercises
Photo Credit:

Benefits of Low-Impact Exercise

Several cardio exercises have to have jumping or any other actions in which both of your feet leave the ground. These types of exercises are high impact, which can be very hard for individuals who may have injuries on their feet and suffer from foot pain. On the other hand, cardio exercises that are low impact have got all the same cardiovascular benefits, but put less strain on the joints and feet since they are exercises that do not need more than one foot to leave the ground, at the same time.


Brisk walking is definitely a low-impact cardio exercise and convenient on your feet. Wearing supportive shoes, thick socks and doing warm up the right way prior to taking a walk could also help prevent foot pain during this exercise. Brisk walking provides a good cardio workout as it is much faster compared to a stroll. Moreover, it helps prevent heart attack just like more strenuous exercises.


Swimming is definitely a cardio exercise without any impact on the feet because of the water resistance and your capacity to float. Swimming or what we call as water aerobics works each and every group of muscles in the body, and intensely treading water itself burns as much as 11 calories in a minute. This exercise is gentle on the joints but still tough enough to make your heart pumping so you acquire all of the advantages of an excellent cardio workout.


There are various forms of yoga, from light forms to much harder power forms. Even so, all of these forms are low impact and can also enable you to avoid foot pain from working out as yoga targets stretching and poses. This will allow your feet to remain comfortably on the ground with no impact of jumping as well as landing. Performing yoga is likewise a good cardio. Yoga results in good cardio health by gently working out the muscles and enhancing breathing.

Here’s a video of some low-impact cardio exercises for foot pain:

Even though low-impact exercises will help alleviate foot pain during exercising, it is still best to have a doctor examine your foot pain first before starting any fitness regimen. This will certainly guarantee that the foot pain isn’t a reaction to an untreated injury, and also the doctor will be able to confirm that exercising won’t make the pain or injury worse. Furthermore, the doctor can provide you with instructions for you to properly care for your feet before and after exercise to alleviate pain and the chance of a recurring injury.

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Tips For Staying Fit While at Your Desk

Some people that may have desk jobs notice that they may often find it difficult to lose weight, get in shape or perhaps they might feel that their muscles are tight because of sitting the whole day at their desk. Some companies could possibly have a gym membership plan available that often goes through their health insurance policy or perhaps theirs company insurance plan. For those who may have gym memberships offered by their company, exercising might not be difficult. On the other hand, for people who haven’t got this option, or just do not have spare time, their only chance to exercise may be at the workplace or may be at their desk. There are lots of easy and simple stretches and exercises that you can perform at your desk in order to lose weight, stay fit and relax a bit while at work.

Avoid Back Pains by Doing Some Exercises at Your Desk at Work Photo Credit:

Avoid Back Pains by Doing Some Exercises at Your Desk at Work
Photo Credit:

Individuals that spend more time sitting at their desk, or in front of their computer, might find that after some time, it may cause injury or muscle pain. A lot of people notice that their shoulder and neck muscles tighten after sitting in a certain manner daily. The stance you’ve got at work is the very first thing that you can try to correct to get in shape when at your desk.

Make sure you perform some stretches from time to time if you’re sitting at your desk for many hours. Try to do some simple neck rolls if your feel that your neck muscles tightens. In addition to that, you can exercise your upper body and arms, simply grab around the side of your desk and then lift your feet up. Push yourself back with your arms and pull yourself back to your desk. If you want, you can perform some desk push-ups, too.

Obviously, each and every amount of exercise can certainly help you stay in shape, healthy and stress-free while at work. Try to use the stairs instead of an elevator as much as you can. Get some breaks. No matter what method you choose to get fit while at work, consider any company safety rules and be aware of the company’s insurance policies regarding getting hurt or injured at work.

Read more from Huffington Post for some exercises that you can do while at your office desk.

How To Keep Fit At Your Desk

[quote style=”boxed”]Okay, get ready for this depressing fact: if you do a desk job, you spend around over a third of your day sitting down, and at a desk. Factor in around seven hours for sleeping, and that means you spend over two-thirds of your day horizontal.

With studies showing that sedentary lifestyles are unhealthy and can lead to major diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, fitness guru James put together a plan for exercises to do at your desk and advice for office lunches.

And if people laugh at you for doing these, just smile in the knowledge that you’ll outlive them all.[/quote]

These are some of the simple and easy tips you can squeeze in at work and even at home if you would like. This will give you the workout you need to get fit if you have no time hitting the gym. So, when you think that you have no time to exercise, you better think again.

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Leg Toning Exercises For Lean and Sexy Legs

Women put much special care on their legs. Leg exercises are regarded as an essential part of their fitness regimen for a lot of reasons.

Julianne Hough's Sexy Dancer Legs  Photo Credit:

Julianne Hough’s Sexy Dancer Legs
Photo Credit:

Julianne Hough is one of the celebrities who have sexy and toned legs. She is a professional ballroom dancer, country music singer and actress. But she is famous for her participation in Dancing with the Stars in which she won in two consecutive seasons. So how does she maintain her toned, lean legs?

The following are some leg exercises you can do to have fabulous legs.

Exercises For Toning The Legs

Power Plies

Power plies exercises your inner and outer thighs and gets rid of that excess bulge on the exterior of your hips.

To execute a Power Plie, stand straight and then your legs should be shoulder-width apart. Keep the back straight with your toes pointing outward. Place both of your hands in your hips and bring down your seat to knee level slowly and then up again. Do it for about 16-20 reps.

Thigh Dancing

To carry out thigh dancing, drop on your knees. Do not sit on your legs; rather, remain suspended right over it. Push your arms in front, tugging the navel back and making a restrain on our spine. After that, pull your arms back on your side, pushing the chest forward. Do this for 20-30 ocunts.

Split Jumps

Having one leg in front, jump and then shift your legs. Swing your arms sideways each time you get for balance. This is referred to as the ‘Spotty Dog’ workout, a variety of the lunge workout. Do 16 reps.

After 16 reps, you can try stationary pulse lunges, the regular lunge exercise.

Cardio exercises like walking, swimming and dancing

Brisk walking regularly for 30 minutes is great for toning the legs. Moreover, regular swimming and intense dancing can be efficient for getting lean, toned legs. This also strengthens your ankles and boosts your flexibility while providing you with sexy-looking legs.

Check out the video and learned Julianne Hough’spreferred leg-toning exercises.

Get Julianne Hough’s Sexy Dancer Legs 

By doing these simple legs exercises each day, it could be all too easy to get toned and sexy legs very quickly.

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The Special K Diet – Is It An Effective Diet Program?

The Special K diet has long been greatly endorsed by Kellogg’s over the past years as an effective way in losing weight. As a matter of fact, the company promises that you will be able to lose 6 pounds in just 2 weeks. However, will this work? Is this a weight loss program that everyone must try? Let’s take a closer look on this diet.

Does the Special K Diet Work? Photo Credit:

Does the Special K Diet Work?
Photo Credit:

The concepts behind this diet are quite simple. You have to eat a bowl of any label of special K cereal along with 2/3 cups of skim milk. You have to eat this with a serving of fruit for just two meals daily. For your third meal, you can eat whatever you like. On the other hand, snacks could be eaten in the daytime, as long as they’re fruit, fresh vegetables or a Special K bars. Moreover, you can drink whatever you, but then again, water is highly recommended.

The Special K diet is yet another diet that is a low-fat, high-carb diet. However, by switching your fast food lunch to a bowl of Special K, you will obviously be consuming fewer fats and calories. People will surely lose weight if they eat less and consume fewer fats and calories daily.

Check this interesting article from for added information regarding the Special K diet:

The Special K diet – weight loss wonder or waste of time?

[quote style=”boxed”]The Special K diet seems to have it all – easy to do with minimum cooking and decent weight loss results – it seems all you need to look good on holiday is commit to a cereal habit two weeks before. But is eating cereal day in and day out actually healthy? Will you keep the weight off? And how do those women in those red bikinis always looks so darn good?[/quote]

As a final thought, the Special K diet program much like other meal-replacement programs. You will likely lose the weight if you follow this plan since you are going to consume fewer fats and calories than usual. If you plan to try this kind of diet program, your best choice will be to include some of them to squeeze in a more various options.

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Chaz Bono Reveals Dramatic Weight Loss

Now it seems like everyone we all want to know the secret of how Chaz Bono loses weight. Chaz Bono, a former ‘Dancing With the Stars’ contestant,  who is also Cher’s son, lost 60 pounds and still counting. Take a look at his weight loss before and after photos below!

Chaz Bono's Before and After Photo

Chaz Bono’s Before and After Photo

Chaz Bono shared his weight loss secrets to People magazine, which has five features.

  • Never rely on diet programs as it does not work at all, change in your diet helps.
  • Stay away from starches and grains
  • Consume fruits, vegetables and meats
  • Cook various stuffs to help make the process more interesting and fun
  • Take a dance class, consider it as your workout

Chaz Bono also reveals one of his weight loss secrets, he has been committing himself to exercise and diet, plus he used an FDA approved weight loss drug Qsymia with his doctor’s supervision.

Moreover, he sought medical help while he requested doctors to find a way for him to lose weight while still taking his male hormones after his gender reassignment operation. Chaz Bono told People Magazine that losing weight had definitely changed his health and life. He gains more self-confidence, and he really like what he sees in the mirror. He just felt so much better, and his blood pressure and cholesterol levels are normal.

Read more from abc News:

Chaz Bono Reveals Amazing New Body; Shocking Weight Loss

[quote style=”boxed”]Chaz Bono is a whole new man.

The former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant, 44, stepped out in Los Angeles on Wednesday, revealing his slimmed-down physique.

In May, he was down to about 192 pounds and was “feeling really good.”

“I’d love to do ‘Dancing [with the Stars]’ all over again,” he said at the time. “I’d do it so much better now than I did then!”[/quote]

If you really want to lose weight, it really takes commitment and dedication. Most of all, you have to keep moving. Start off slowly and gradually as you exercise and if you can afford, hire a personal trainer to help you in your workout. For your diet routine, you can seek advice from a nutritionist to guide you.

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Plyometric Exercises For a Total Body Workout

Many people usually perform exercises that could either be aerobic or anything pertaining to developing body muscles. Although these workouts have different benefits – Cardio are often designed for developing endurance while weight training is ideal for building muscles, it is much better if we could fuse the advantages of these two forms of exercises.

If you are working out regularly, and have been searching for something to take fitness to a higher level, you can try out Plyometric exercises. These types of exercises are perfect for those fitness enthusiasts who will be searching for both strength and speed.

Plyometrics: increase power and speed with these workout. Photo Credit:

Plyometrics: increase power and speed with these workout.
Photo Credit:

Plyometric exercise is not only about developing muscle mass. It has components of cardio exercises as well in it. With these exercises, you strive to enhance your alertness and quickness as well, apart from body strength.

Plyometrics is usually an excellent substitute for cardio exercises, and so many athletes have used them to help them reach maximum fitness.

Generally, Plyometrics pertains to exercise that allows your muscle mass to achieve optimum force in just a short period of time. If utilized properly, these exercises are definitely an effective method of power training.

High Knee Jumps, Jump Rope, Jump Switches, Step-ups, Gap Jumps, Line Jump, Push-ups can be performed with your Plyometric training.

Check this article from Huffington Post for a sample of a Plyometrics workout plan:

15-Minute Workout: Plyometrics

 [quote style=”boxed”]You (yes, crazy-busy you) are not too busy to work out today. This routine — designed by Equinox’s Stephanie Vitorino, creator of the best-selling VBody DVD series — gets the fat-burning job done fast. The secret is plyometrics: explosive, high-intensity exercises. “These moves burn 10 calories a minute,” Vitorino says. “Plus, they improve your strength and boost bone density.”[/quote]

Basically, plyometric exercises are essential for athletes who would like to move rapidly without restricting their muscular strength. Moreover, it can give great benefits in regards to increasing the speed of many athletes. On the other hand, plyometric training may lead to intense strain on your body, so you have to be extra careful not to over exercise as this often results in injuries.

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What Is The 10-8-6 Workout Routine?

Building muscle can sometimes be so frustrating.  Even if you work out so hard on a regular basis, still your body won’t physically progress. Even though this will get so discouraging, you will be able to overcome this by varying your workout routine and stretching your muscles beyond the limits. This is where 10-8-6 workout routine comes into play.

A 10-8-6 workout replaces your usual routine and makes use of various reps of different weights to force your body in a rut and develop muscle. It is meant to boost the strength-building capability of every movement. You begin with a weight you will be able to lift a maximum of 10 times. After completing the first set having 10 repetitions, increase the weight and perform eight reps for your second set. On the third set, has to be your heaviest set of weights, and you must have to do 6 repetitions at that weight.

Build Muscle with The 10-8-6 Workout Routine

Build Muscle with The 10-8-6 Workout Routine
Photo Credit:

Employing the 10-8-6 routine enables you to fully wear out the muscles used in each exercise. Muscle mass simply develops if it’s pressured a little past its current ability to execute.

Controlled lifting is vital in a 10-8-6 program to be effective. This implies lifting the weight in an even, manner. The routine is most effective if you keep pressure on the muscles during your movements.

Rest right after workouts is essential to tone and strengthen the muscles. Take a rest for one to two minutes in between sets. This duration increases to around 3 minutes if you are changing to an exercise that focuses on a different group of muscles. This can increase your testosterone levels, the hormone primarily the reason for stimulating the muscle-growth response.

Watch the video to learn more about 10-8-6 workout routine…

10-8-6 Method

The 10-8-6 routine is encouraging as it allows you to feel like you’re getting stronger, and thus capable of lifting heavier weights.  Monitor the amount weight you use for every set, and for every two weeks, add a few pounds.

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Hotel Fitness – Staying Fit While on Travel

Never allow your trip be a vacation from fitness. This is because as you take a break from your workout routine, you will find it hard to get back to your routine. Therefore, do not let being at a hotel cancel out all of your fitness efforts.

Before booking a hotel, make sure you look into the available fitness alternatives. There aren’t many hotels nowadays that don’t at least have a workout room, swimming pool, or perhaps any other form of workout available for their guests. The best way to be sure is to call the hotel or you can check it online before you go.

Fitness-Friendly Hotels for Fitness Enthusiasts Photo Credit:

Fitness-Friendly Hotels for Fitness Enthusiasts
Photo Credit:

In order to become qualified as a fitness-friendly hotel, there must be an added attention on fitness. Several hotels go as much as putting fitness DVDs at the hotel rooms. Some offers a workout channels for free. While others give away some headsets and other fitness gadgets.

On the other hand, for those hotels that don’t have any gyms, you can ask them if they have partnered with a local gym to see if you can work out there for free or at a discounted rate. Some hotels do have deals with gyms in their area if they don’t have a gym available.

Moreover, before you book a hotel, check out their menu options. You will find that the health-conscious hotels likewise have lots of vegetables and fruits on their menus. Some may even have fruit or fruit juice to take from the check-in counter or maybe in the workout room.

Check this interesting article from USA Today and check out some of fitness-friendly hotels:

12 fitness-friendly hotel chains

[quote style=”boxed”]Welcome to a new era in hotel fitness. In recent years, hotels have listened to the demands of fitness-minded travelers…and are upping the ante on their fitness offerings.

For starters, the number of hotels with fitness facilities — 84% to be exact — reached an all-time high in 2012, according to the American Hotel & Lodging Association. That’s up from 63% in 2004.

But while fitness centers are nice, some hotels are pulling out all the stops to help guests stay fit and healthy.[/quote]

Make sure you check out the hotel gym and their menus on the internet. This gives you a good option of things to expect before you arrive. If they don’t have any website, you can call them for your queries. Just always keep in mind, put fitness first in your list while on vacation/trip.

To learn some workouts tips while on vacation/trip, visit